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Short story about She-Agrocam

SHE Agrocam Co., Ltd is registered company in Cambodia are working in trading (import and export) and distributing food product in Cambodia based on Agro-processing and Food Products. We are doing sourcing product from Cambodia (Raw Material for food manufacture, finishing products and fresh fruits), also combine products from Cambodia Producer to export market. For local market we are working to develop and support to Cambodia Processer and distribution their products into domestic through distributing channel.

Within Women leadership, SHE Agrocam have very strong goal to drive this business for long-term and sustainable with all partners and customers, build our relationship by trust and professional expertise, through our socially responsibility we are commit to pay back to social through our job to impact and direct and indirect to farmer and staff.

SHE Agrocam, one of the outstanding traders and Cambodia food distributors, which are working very closely with food producer, farmer to develop their products and also access products into market both domestic and export.

Through our activities SHE Agrocam, our work not only on business profit but also effect and give benefit to social and local economic.


To connect and develop with Cambodia food processer through products development into Market both Local and oversea Market through our expertise.


To be the trust trading agency, international standard export company, and royalty domestic distribution and Socially responsibly.


Our Expertise are

- We are expertise and professional on trading
- Products development, packaging innovation
- Distribution products into Market both domestic and.


Our Unique are

- High quality food products and premium from Cambodia
- Trust and professional
- Expertise on products development and Market